grazing station

Want to impress your guests with a major feature to your catering? Our Grazing Stations are a major hit. They can serve as pre-dinner nibbles or a late night snack. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure the selections on YOUR table are exactly what you want. We have a fantastic custom table we can add to your package to give your station an extra boost. Need a little more WOW? We also work together with some of the Sunshine Coasts best event hire companies, let our interior designer Bec design your station to take it to that next level.





Truffle salami








Hot Soppressa



Preserves, breads and crispbreads. 


Pickled Walnuts

Pickled Artichokes

Rye Brea

Stone Ground Mustard

Barossa Bark Crispbreads
Nail Mushrooms


Cornicabra Olives

Chicken & Thyme Pate

Duck Rillettes




Dried Fig



Assorted Australian & imported cheese

Cave Aged Cheddar

Urbiaco al Prosecco (Prosecco infused cows milk semi hard)

Picolin de Chevre (Goats milk soft cheese)

Sottocenere al Tartufo (Truffle infused semi soft)

D’Aregental Brebis Rousse (luscious sheep’s milk washed rind, soft)

Castel Regio Taleggio (soft cows milk cheese)

Bleu d’Auvergne FS ( French blue)

Tripple Cream Bree    




Grazing station


Package includes seasonal variety of cheese and cured meats and can be tailored to suit your tastes. 



Grazing and CanapÉs 


Package includes 4 of Vanteen’s signature canapés turning this package into a complete “meal” satisfying your guests hunger  




All prices include GST

Prices are subject to change due to seasonal variations & market fluctuations

 Quality disposable plates, wooden cutlery and paper napkins are supplied as a standard to this package.

We have a minimum spend of $1000, please refer to "the finer details" section on this website for further information