Canapé Style

Our Canape Menu is inspired by global street food to tantalise your guests taste buds.


To meet the demands of larger and smaller functions alike we offer a variety of packages to suit every appetite. Our Canape Package is sure to satisfy your hunger and we guarantee we will not let your guests leave hungry! Why not choose from our Small Foods section? Add this onto any of our other packages to act as pre-dinner nibbles or even a fork and talk style entree. Our canapés are delivered to each guest via our timber platters or single use eco friendly plates and dishes. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every one of our ingredients. 


Small food

Fresh seasonal canapé style selections


Hervey bay scallop, truffle aioli, chorizo


Katafi wrapped medjool date, hazelnut, honey, lemon thyme


Kingfish tataki, finger lime, yuzu, micro coriander


Coffin bay oyster, white balsamic, green apple, cress


Confit chicken wing, gremolata, smoked paprika mayonnaise


Local mushroom pate, charcoal waffle cone, baby mustard


King salmon sashimi, horseradish, soy, shiso


Crudo of North QLD Cobia, pickled radish, citrus


Smoked Petuna ocean trout, betel leaf, green mango, roast peanut, chilli dressing


Fried pork belly, chilli caramel, pineapple, baby herbs


Yellow fin tuna tartar, black sesame cone, avocado, bonito


Mooloolaba prawn, parsley, lemon, chilli, garlic


Slow cooked pulled lamb slider, brioche bun, minted yoghurt, pickled carrot, cumin


Scallop carpaccio , coconut, Kaffir lime, chilli salt


Local spanner crab arancini, lemon, dill mayonnaise, salmon pearls


Hand food

Substantial fare inspired by global street food too delicious to use cutlery!


Black pork bun, pickled cucumber, chilli jam, coriander


Chinese duck spring roll, nam prik sauce


Pulled pork taco, chipotle salsa, onion pickle


Pulled lamb brioche slider, beetroot chutney, spiced yoghurt


The Vanteen cheeseburger, Wagyu Pattie, jack cheddar, tomato


Smoked pork hotdog, roasted red onion, stone ground mustard


Hot spiced fried wings, chilli sauce


Fried fish baguette, rocket, chilli, lemon


Bbq pork ribs, Smokey glaze, apple slaw


Chicken tostada, refried bean, pickled onion, avocado, jalapeño mayo


Fork food

Substantial fare inspired by global street foods

to be savoured with a fork


Roast pumpkin gnocchi, hazelnuts, goat's chevre


Pearl couscous, roast capsicum, sundried tomato, pesto, goat's chevre


Garden pea and chive risotto, parmesan, cream fraiche


Chicken bang bang salad, egg noodles, mint, coriander, peanuts, nam jim dressing


Pork cheek orecchiette, mint, green olives


Chilli cheese fries, sour cream, avocado, crispy bacon


Beetroot curry, rice, roti bread, riata


Breaded squid, green tabasco, lemon, dill mayo


Slow cooked lamb neck linguini, garlic, olives, parsley


Thai beef and glass noodle salad





choice of

4 small foods

3 Hand/Fork food




choice of

4 small foods

3 Hand/Fork food

Mixed chef's selection Petit Fours




choice of

6 small foods

4 Hand/Fork food

Mixed chef's selection Petit Fours



All prices include GST

Prices are subject to change due to seasonal variations & market fluctuations

 Quality disposable plates, wooden cutlery and paper napkins are supplied as a standard to this package

We have a minimum spend of $1000, please refer to "the finer details" section on this website for further information